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Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy

Today Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy is a multi-level institution of higher education featuring the whole range of programs, from preliminary courses to degree-level higher education programs. The emphasis is on basic to advanced training for Customs officers, both specific to the field and practical. It is a leading training, methodological, research and information center for issues of customs work in the Russian Far East and Siberia.

As Russia’s economy is turning more towards meeting the needs of modern society and integration into the world economy, Russian Customs faces the need for change. Training customs professionals better able to function in this emerging environment is essential.

Vladivostok Branch applicants are required to have secondary, vocational or higher education. Students are introduced to over 80 disciplines ranging from social studies, economics, law and humanities to mathematics, information and technology.

Vladivostok Branch cooperates closely with Far Eastern Customs Headquarters and field customs divisions throughout the region. Students intern in local customs offices of the Far East and Siberia.

In 2003, Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy was the second Russian institution of higher education to register with the Russian and International Standards systems. The branch received a Certificate of Compliance with ГОСТ Р ISO 9001-2001 and IS ISO 9001:2000 standards. Because it is included in the International Register, Vladivostok Branch is able to provide educational services for international students as well as Russians.